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Planet X

Video, 2005


With all the predictions dedicated to the pronouncement of an asteroid or comet possibly colliding into the earth; this video metaphorically provides a poetic overview.  Based upon the  6,000 year old Sumerian descriptions of our solar system include one more planet they called "Nibiru", which means "Planet of the crossing". The descriptions of this planet by the Sumerians match precisely the specifications of "Planet X" (the Tenth Planet), which is currently being sought by astronomers in the depths of our own Solar System. Views from modern and ancient astronomy, which both suggest a highly elliptical, comet-like orbit, takes Planet X into the depths of space, well beyond the orbit of Pluto. The Sumerian descriptions of Our Solar System are being confirmed with modern advances in science.

This claim is based on the anticipated optical and radar tracking opportunities between now and 2014. The various fluctuations in weather patterns on the planet earth as well as the frequent earthquakes and tsunami’s, hurricanes and droughts; all have their influence subjectively due to the possible gravitational relationship to the asteroid. As it advances it’s travels from the outer celestial space through the inner celestial space which matches the Sumerian descriptions of our solar system; this comet orbits our sun within and through out our galaxy.  As with natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, which is associated with the City of New Orleans.

The 9th Ward of the City of New Orleans being one of the original African American communities in the history of the USA serves as an example of one of the tragedies to beset the Earth. There have been biblical connections to this myth in the Book of Revelations:
(go to The appearance of Sun Ra (avant-garde jazz musician) delivering one of his own prophesies, which appears to have come true in an interview with Tom Schnabel at Santa Monica College radio station KCRW in 1988 on the morning program he created entitled, “Morning Becomes Eclectic.”  This video serves as a reminder of all the fragility and vulnerabilities of our time in human existence.